What makes us human? Genetics or Culture?

We are sapiens of the Homo Genus, this is fact but what is it that makes us ourselves. What is it that makes us exactly human and not merely another branch of the hominid tree. Some argue that it is our “unique” genetics, some say it is our abilities and advanced forms of social learning.  I do believe it is both genetics and culture that clearly defines us as human. Genetics is what has allowed us to walk and talk, genetics has given us opposable thumbs and advanced vocal cords. Of course, earlier hominids could also walk and talk to a degree. Genetics has given us a  large brain and large frontal lobes, the ability to form close social groups and learn from and teach each other. It is these along with concepts such as morality, ethics of good and evil that makes us human. It could be said that genetics has given humans the ability to laugh and culture has given us something to laugh at.